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Quick addendum about the Chandler Repository

If my brief article about the Chandler Repository caught your interest, you might want to check out Andi’s blog, in which he discusses some of the design and implementation issues. Accounts of software design from the time of implementation are … Continue reading

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The Chandler Repository

I spent a few hours yesterday in the company of Andi Vajda, lead developer of the data repository component of the Open Source Applications Foundation’s Chandler project. We talked about the technical details of the repository. The Chandler repository is … Continue reading

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Scott Rosenberg’s Dreaming in Code [book pointer]

Scott Rosenberg‘s Dreaming in Code is the best journalistic portrayal of software development that I’ve ever read. The romantic cliché of the lone introverted genius shaping masterpieces through many midnights of unfathomable incantations is mercifully absent. Rosenberg follows the Open … Continue reading

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